RAZOR-5 - WAHL 745-800 1.2v 1500 mAh NiCd Replacement Battery by BatteryTex

Price: $4.75

Replacement for:WAHL
Battery Model:745-800

Battery Specifications and Description

Replacement for: WAHL    Battery/Item: RAZOR-5
Model/Product: 745-800    Volts: 1.2
mAh or Ah: 1500    Composition: NiCd
Dimension:     Connector:

Introducing the WAHL RAZOR-5 Replacement Battery - the perfect solution for keeping your grooming tools powered up!

Razor-5 Battery (745-800)


Price:  $4.75


Shipping:  $5.00 USPS First-Class (USA Only)


Total price for the Razor-5:  $9.75 - Including Flat-Rate Shipping anywhere in the USA!*


Description:  The RAZOR-5 battery (WAHL 745-800) is a powerful 1.2V/1500mAh Ni-Cd Shaver Battery for Phillips Norelco shavers and Wahl styling products.

It's a light-weight and long-lasting replacement battery designed to work with certain electric razors, shavers and electric grooming tools. 


Replacement battery for: Norelco HP1328, HP1327D, as well as Wahl 745-800 beard trimmers, shavers/electric razors.


Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement Battery


The Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement Battery is a replacement battery for the Phillips Norelco line of shavers and other Wahl based devices. The long lasting replacement battery is designed to work with the Norelco HP1328, HP1327D and the Wahl 745 through 800 beard trimmers, razors and shavers.

The Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement Battery is a 1.2 volt battery with a NiCd composition and 1500 mAh. This battery is perfect for anyone who has seen the battery on a current razor fail to hold a charge or turn on all together. It also works for individuals who are unable to connect their devices post shave in order to charge the battery but still need to shave, such as while camping, traveling or on the road where electricity is at a premium. The Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement Battery makes it easy to pop the battery into the required device whenever the previous battery is spent.

The Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement Battery is a light weight and long lasting battery that is going to replace the current batteries found on the different grooming products. So, for anyone who is looking to add a Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement so they do not need to purchase a secondary battery, or because they are looking for an additional battery to travel with, the Wahl 745-800 Electric Razor Replacement Battery is the necessary device.



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