3-1/2AA-A SANYO - SANYO 3N-270AA(S-SJC) 3.6v 270 mAh NICAD Replacement Battery by BatteryTex

Price: $8.25

Replacement for:SANYO
Product:3-1/2AA-A SANYO
Battery Model:3N-270AA(S-SJC)

Battery Specifications and Description

Replacement for: SANYO    Battery/Item: 3-1/2AA-A SANYO
Model/Product: 3N-270AA(S-SJC)    Volts: 3.6
mAh or Ah: 270    Composition: NICAD
Dimension:     Connector: NULL

When it comes to Cordless Phone Batteries - the 3N-270AA(S-SJC) SANYO replacement battery provides the power you need when you need it. It's made from quality materials so the 3N-270AA(S-SJC) is one of the toughest on the market. It's also guaranteed to meet or exceed the original SANYO specifications. Thank you for making BatteryTex your provider of replacement batteries at everyday low prices. Only the best batteries at the best prices: BatteryTex.com. Our battery specialists are standing by for any questions you may have: 1-888-825-6661. Ask about bulk discounts! here Cordless Phone Batteries batteries at great prices. We stock a great selection of items for SANYO products. Click here to see. With lower costs, better materials, and greater efficiency, batteries now offer more bang for the buck. Most all of our batteries have a one year warranty unless otherwise specified. Please feel free to contact us for actual battery warranty information.