1/2AAAA-180NM-GP - GP GP18AAAAH 1.2v 180 mAh NIMH Replacement Battery by BatteryTex

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Replacement for:GP
Battery Model:GP18AAAAH

Battery Specifications and Description

Replacement for: GP    Battery/Item: 1/2AAAA-180NM-GP
Model/Product: GP18AAAAH    Volts: 1.2
mAh or Ah: 180    Composition: NIMH
Dimension: 8.6MM X 20.6MM    Connector: FLAT TOP

Introducing the GP18AAAAH - is the perfect power solution designed to replace the GP 1/2AAAA-180NM-GP battery.

GP 18aaaah Rechargeable Battery

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The GP 18aaaah single cell, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery is rechargeable and has a life of over 500 charge cycles!


It is a perfect replacement for the Interwrite Interactive Writing Board pen by eInstruction.


Inteliwrite Replacement Battery


This 1.2 V (volt), 180mAh (milliampere per hour) replacement single cell battery is designed to be a more environmentally friendly, rechargeable, and inexpensive alternative to NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries. 

You will find this standard series NiMH battery can recharge in one hour and can provide 18 mA (milliampere) over a 16 hour period. The GP 18aaaah is the perfect replacement for any 1.2 V (volt) non-rechargeable alkaline battery.


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AKA: 18aaaah 1|2aaaa-180nm-gp, Interwrite pen battery,  eInstruction pen battery replacement, 18AAAAH 1.2v

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