RADIO SHACK 103 (CAM-567) Battery Replacement

Price: $72.00

Replacement for:RADIO SHACK
Battery Model:103

*** REFURBISHED ONLY *** (2943)
Power, reliability and quality define the 103, an optimal battery by RADIO SHACK. Only quality materials are used in every 103 produced. It has also been guaranteed to equal or out-perform RADIO SHACK's original specifications. Thanks for choosing BatteryTex for your battery needs. - known for our wide selection of the top batteries at some of the lowest prices online. Our battery specialists are standing by for any questions you may have: 1-888-825-6661. Ask about bulk discounts! We have a wide selection of Camcorder Batteries batteries available. See them here! Need other RADIO SHACK products? Try these! Enhanced efficiency, power and longevity make today's batteries better and more cost-effective for consumers. Each warranty can vary however normal manufacturer warranties are one year. Let us know if you have questions on any specific item's warranty.