New Features on!

Here at, we are constantly working to improve our service, both online and offline.  We take your feedback very seriously and sincerely request any and all feedback you care to send our way.  We've been providing the best in customer service since 1977 and are always looking for things we can do to make your experience with us the very best in the industry.

We are not a giant corporation that keeps you on hold or takes days to answer your emails.  BatteryTex is a family-run business where the customer is of most importance.  We do not do any paid advertising - our business is built on customer satisifcation.  Combined with the best prices on an inventory of over 70,000 batteries, you've found your one-stop-shop for batteries at


So on to the new features!



Perhaps the most obvious one...our new blog!  Here we will keep you abreast of new things on our site and in the world of batteries, as a whole. We will also be providing tips and tricks that we hope you will find of use.



Jason from Los Angeles requested a 'notes' field on our Checkout page so he can send us special delivery instructions.  Well, Jason, we've added that feature; thank you for the suggestion!



Louisa from Atlanta wrote us asking how secure her online order was - we have since placed our GoDaddy SSL badge on our Checkout pages.  You can click on it (without interrupting your order) in order to verify that our SSL certificate is up to date and secure with one of the largest SSL providers in the world.



We got lots of emails asking about bulk discounts and if we offer them.  YES!  We definitely do; just give us a call or send us an email letting us know what you're looking for.

We also do regular monthly discounts for our monthly purchasers, which include hospitals, schools, law enforcement and other government agencies.

Call us at 1-888-825-6661, or email us at in order to receive a bulk quote or speak to us about our monthly account discounts!



If there is something you'd like to see on the website or a topic you would like us to cover in our blog, please drop us a line!  We welcome your feedback and suggestions.