VARTA 3/V100R (COMP-18-3NMH) Battery Replacement

Price: $5.59

Battery Model:3/V100R

When strong 3.6v Nicad - Nimh Computer Battery Packs are required - the 3/V100R VARTA replacement battery is there to do the job. The 3/V100R is made from the ground-up with first-rate materials. Plus it was designed to equal or improve upon the original specs by VARTA. Save time, money and hassle and get your batteries at unbeatable prices at When you need quality batteries at bargain prices then look no further than Drop us a line with any questions or for bulk discount information at 1-888-825-6661. We look forward to hearing from you! We have a wide selection of 3.6v Nicad - Nimh Computer Battery Packs batteries available. See them here! For other great batteries from VARTA follow this link! Batteries should be built with the best components and should be highly rated in terms of quality and efficiency. Batteries normally come with a one-year warranty from the maker but certain batteries offer different warranties. Contact us for specifics.