UNIDEN XE-965 (3AA-B) Battery Replacement

Price: $3.75

Battery Model:XE-965

When strong Cordless Phone Batteries are required - the XE-965 UNIDEN replacement battery is there to do the job. You can't beat the XE-965 for it's high-quality construction; built with the best in materials. Plus it was designed to equal or improve upon the original specs by UNIDEN. BatteryTex.com, an industry leader in replacement batteries - featuring some of the lowest online rates available. Whether its selection, quality or our great discount prices you'll find that BatteryTex is the ultimate battery source. Call our battery technicians for more detailed information and for bulk discounts: 1-888-825-6661 If you need another Cordless Phone Batteries battery click here to view our selection. We stock a great selection of items for UNIDEN products. Click here to see. Batteries should be built with the best components and should be highly rated in terms of quality and efficiency. Standard battery warranties from the manufacturer are for one year. Contact us for more information.